Omnibus Edition: Part 2

Omnibus edition of episodes 6-10 of China: As History is My Witness in which the BBC's former Beijing Correspondent Carrie Gracie explores 5 great lives from Chinese history and asks what they tell us about China today.

6. QIN SHI HUANGDI: Examining history's verdict on the emperor who united China and left behind the Terracotta Army - but burned books and buried scholars alive to maintain power.

7. LIU BEI: The swashbuckling warlord from the 3rd Century who features in China's great adventure story - The Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

8. WANG ANSHI: Charting the rise and fall of a brilliant bureaucrat in the Mandarin Class war of 11th Century China.

9. HONG XIUQUAN: The rebel empire builder who thought he was the younger brother of Jesus Christ.

10. OLD HUNDRED NAMES - CHINA'S CITIZENS: People power has long been promised - With the internet, is it finally here?

Presenter: Carrie Gracie
Producer: Neal Razzell.

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Fri 19 Oct 2012 21:00

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