River Song had Grayle worked out from the word go. Called him a ‘crime boss with a collecting fetish’. He was a tough guy, sure, but when he kidnapped River he didn’t figure he was starting to collect trouble. A lot of trouble.

Fact titleFact data
Home Planet: Earth
Random ‘No!’ Moment: Allowing an Angel to seize River.
Start to worry when: He says you should be given ‘to the babies’.
Fact! Grayle’s fixation with the Angels led him to hire Garner and kidnap River.
First Appearance: The Angels Take Manhattan
Most Recent Appearance: The Angels Take Manhattan

Grayle is a man of apparent contradictions. His home is jammed with beauty, crammed with magnificent paintings, porcelain, exquisite busts and objets d'art … Yet this is simply his lair, with an ugly secret behind every curtain. He’s a criminal who has used his wealth to collect valuable items but by April, 1936 he had become obsessed by the Weeping Angels, with stone cherubs in his basement and a terrifying, ‘full-sized’ Lonely Assassin chained up that he used to coerce River. He thought he could outsmart Professor Song and the Angels… He was wrong.

“I wanted to know if it could feel pain!Grayle

Grayle coldly allowed Rory to be ‘given’ to the terrifying stone cherubs and used fear to persuade River to tell him about the ‘moving statues’. He may have been a man of intelligence – he had a grasp of antiquities and understood a little about the Weeping Angels -but ultimately he was too ruthless and too arrogant to grasp the peril his fixation had placed him in. True, he guessed that the Angel he kept in his home might attract others of its kind, but he thought a few locks would keep him safe. Big mistake…


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