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Lynda is making slow progress knitting a cot blanket for Vicky. She's finding it difficult to get people on board for her Christmas play. Vicky suddenly breaks into tears.

Jim approaches Jazzer and says that it's not practical for him to stay with Christine. Jazzer's ready to pack up his clothes but Jim has another suggestion.

Vicky reveals to Lynda that she's upset because she has seen gap year photos of a colleague's daughter and realised that her own daughter will never be able to do such things. Lynda sympathises and insists that Vicky think of the things her daughter will do.

In Jaxx, Kirsty is chatting to Fallon about her new relationship with Ifty.perhaps a bit too much. Fallon's feeling a bit flat now she's not running The Bull. She needs a boost.

Jim is showing Jazzer his spare room after offering to put him up. Jazzer soon finds that Jim has some strict rules but appreciates his help. Jazzer also asks to borrow a book on Greek myths, much to Jim's surprise.

Alice has her viva soon, and has been offered a job as a development engineer.

Kirsty offers to have a drink with Fallon but realises that she's late for Ifty. Fallon's down because she's surrounded by couples and wants a meaningful relationship herself.

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