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1 hour, 57 minutes
First broadcast:
Monday 24 September 2012

Tha i beachdail, tha i beòthail agus tha i feitheamh ribh le taghadh ciùil. Feuch gum bi sibh ann còmhla ri Mòrag!

Post-d - mor@bbc.co.uk / fòn an asgaidh 08000 96 7050.

Morag Macdonald's lively banter and great choice of music.

Music Played

22 items
  • Image for Cathie Ann Macleod

    Cathie Ann Macleod Teann A Nall 's Thoir Dhomh Do Lamh

  • Image for John Hoddan Macdonald

    John Hoddan Macdonald Air Tuath An Canada

  • Image for Da Fustra

    Da Fustra Eva Three Step: Kirkhill/Redford Cottage

    Over the Waves to Shetland, Highlander Music, HRMCD-012

  • Image for Donald Archie MacPhail

    Donald Archie MacPhail Oran Chalum Chamshroin

  • Image for Jack Lee

    Jack Lee The Heights Of Cassino/Meg Macrae/Cameron Macfadyen

    The World's Greatest Pipers Vol 15, Lismor, LCOM-5289

  • Image for Raymond Bremner

    Raymond Bremner Och Nan Och Tha Mi Fo Mhulad

    Pan Celtic 2009 Festival, PC010, PC010

  • Image for Brenda Stubbert

    Brenda Stubbert Leo And Catherine Murray/Peter And Doreen Chiasson/Rannie Maclellan

    In Jig Time!, GREENTRAX, CDT-139

  • Image for Donald MacLeod

    Donald MacLeod Mo Ghleannan Taobh Loch Liobhuin

  • Image for Joy Dunlop

    Joy Dunlop Faca Sibh Raghnall No Ailein

    Artist: Twelfth Day

    Fiere, SRADAG MUSIC, SRM002

  • Image for Norman Maciver

    Norman Maciver An Ribhinn Donn

  • Image for Donnie Macdonald

    Donnie Macdonald Memories Of Kilda/The Kylebhan Reel

    Songs Of The Homeland Volume 1, U-Cd, Cd-01

  • Image for Alasdair MacCuish and the Black Rose Ceilidh Band

    Alasdair MacCuish and the Black Rose Ceilidh Band Ceilidh Cascade: Jack Daniels/The Little Cascade/Dancing Feet/Fag A Phiob Bhochd

    Stepping Out, MACMEANMNA, SKYECD-018

  • Image for Catherine-Ann MacPhee

    Catherine-Ann MacPhee Canan Nan Gaidheal - Language of the Gael

    Artist: Ishbel MacAskill Artist: Kenna Campbell Artist: Mairi Mac Innes Artist: Ms Mary-Ann Kennedy

    Gaelic Women: Ar Canans Ar Ceol, Greentrax, CDTRAX-172

  • Image for Hamish Moore

    Hamish Moore Battle Of Waterloo/Wee Highland Laddie/The 8 Th Argyll's Farewell To The 116 Th Regiment D

    Stepping On The Bridge, GREENTRAX RECORDS, CDTRAX-073

  • Image for Murdo John Mackenzie

    Murdo John Mackenzie Nighean Donn Nam Meall Shuilean

    Tionndaidh Am Bat & Mo Dhuthaich 's Mo Cheol, MJM, MJM-001

  • Image for Mairi Macleod

    Mairi Macleod Hiurabh O, Ghraidh An Tig Thu?

    Ceol Is Orain (Music And Song), NOT GIVEN, NA

  • Image for Celine Donoghue

    Celine Donoghue The Snuff Wife/Lady In The Bottle/Biddy From Sligo

    Something Else, R2/REL RECORDS LTD, R2CD-2006

  • Image for Angus Macleod

    Angus Macleod Eilean Sgalpaigh na Hearadh

  • Image for Fergie Macdonald And His Band

    Fergie Macdonald And His Band Button Box Marches: Provost Allan Henderson Of Lochaber/Donald Black's Mouth Organ

    As Hihgland As It Gets, RANNOCH RECORDINGS, CD 112

  • Image for Fiona Kennedy

    Fiona Kennedy Leannan Fionnghal

    maiden heaven, pixie, 1-1

  • Image for Drams Allowed

    Drams Allowed A Fine Set of 2-4s/The Clan MacColl/91st at Modder River

    Aye Tunes, DRAMS ALLOWED, DACD001

  • Image for The Olllam

    The Olllam The Belll

    The Olllam, COMPASS RECORDS, 74584


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