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Episode 1

In this unique and inspiring three-part series, Reggie Yates sets out on an extraordinary journey to find six young people who all have a musical talent that is being eclipsed by Tourette syndrome. Despite the challenges of their daily lives, in only 12 weeks they will put on an event, performing live in front of a huge audience. Some of them have never sung in public before and none have ever done anything like this.

Ruth Ojadi is the first person that Reggie meets, and initially he finds it very difficult to deal with her constant physical and verbal tics. But seeing how people on the street react to Ruth, it is quickly brought home to Reggie that living with Tourette's is no easy task. Ruth started ticcing aged 16, and by her early twenties the Tourette's became unmanageable. She was forced to quit university, where she was studying music, and give up singing altogether.

25-year-old Steve plays the piano and guitar, as well as singing. His Tourette's is severe and, as well as the verbal outbursts, Steve's body is constantly jerking. Reggie discovers that when Steve performs his tics completely disappear, only to start again the moment he finishes a song.

Sick of being defined by their condition, for one night they will step from behind the shroud of Tourette's and out into the limelight. But as the six meet for the first time, Reggie realises just what a mammoth task he has taken on.

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