Episode 4

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Duration: 30 minutes

A local priest is revealed to have a direct line to God, but simply uses it to have daft banter with the Almighty. A novel interactive mobile phone app gets tested on the streets of Burnistoun with unintended consequences for its proprietor, while eating a pizza proves problematic for a Burnistoun man out on a date.

We get a world premier of the instructional DVD 'How to Punch A Guy', while two pals watching a horror film have an argument about which of them can do the best gasp of shock. Meanwhile, two brothers clearing out the family loft following the death of their father make a discovery that gives them a real headache - literally!

Making a welcome return to the series is Burnistoun's self-styled 'favourite son' the ageing ex-athlete Biscuity Boyle who causes havoc among the puppets on the miniature set of a Wallace-and-Gromit-type clay animation TV show.


Iain Connell
Robert Florence
Gerry McLaughlin
Executive Producer
Rab Christie
Iain Davidson
Iain Davidson


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