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Wednesday - Max Reinhardt

1 hour, 30 minutes
First broadcast:
Wednesday 05 September 2012

Max Reinhardt's varied selection tonight encompasses Mouth Music (Puirt a beul) from the Western Isles, Staff Benda Bilili from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Alabama Song from the Budapest bar and Pat Metheny performing Reich's Electric Counterpoint.

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Something To Think About
Sotho Sounds
Junk Funk
Riverboat Records/ Wold Music Network TUGCD 1066

Catherine-Ann MacPhee
Canan Nan Gaidheal (Language of the Gael)
Greentrax CDTRAX 009

Alabama Song
Budapest Bár
Vol. 4 - Hoppá!
Sony Music Entertainment 88697910952

Anonymous: Estampie Royal 'No 4'
Stevie Wishart: Sinfonye
Bella Domna Classical
Helios CDH55207

Calle F
Mala in Cuba
Brownswood Recordings BW00D090CDP

Robert Fripp: Pie Jesu (Live)
Robert Fripp, Andrew Keeling, David Singleton
…Performed by The Metropole Orkest conducted by Jan Stulen
The Wine of Silence
Discipline Global Mobile DGM 1102

Jauk Masal
Gong Kebyar De Sebatu
The village of Sebatu, Bali
BUDA 925312

John Cage: In The Name Of The Holocaust: A
Margaret Leng Tan
Daughter of the Lonesome Isle
New Albion NA070CD

Staff Benda Bilili
Bouger le monde !
Crammed Discs CRAW 81
T 2

Whiskey Headed Blues
Sonny Boy Williamson
Drunk : CD 2 Wine Women and Song
Properbox 172

One More 'Fore I Die - Featuring The Del McCoury Band
Preservation Hall Jazz Band
St. Peter & 57th St.
Decca/Rounder Records Promo
T5 + T6

Berio: Sequenza #5 For Solo Trombone
Vinko Globokar
Berio: Circles, Sequenzas 1, 3 & 5

Puirt a beul
Various Artists
Music From The Western Isles
Greentrax records CDTRAX9002

Drawing An Arc
Sidsel Endresen & Stian Westerhus
Didymoi Dreams
Runegrammofon RCD 2131

In The Name Of The Holocaust: B
John Cage
Daughter of the Lonesome Isle
New Albion NA070CD

I'm in a Mood
Marry Waterson & Oliver Knight
One Little Indian TPLP1157CDP

Reich: Electric Counterpoint - 1. Fast
Pat Metheny
Reich: Different Trains, Electric CounterpointWEA Elektra/Nonesuch 7559-79176-2

The Old Horned Sheep & Atholl Highlanders
Fiddle & Mouth-Organ Bothy Band
Bothy Ballads
Greentrax CDTRAX9001

Scotchin' With The Soda
Nat king Cole
Drunk: CD 2 Wine Women and Song
Properbox 172

Music Played

18 items
Timings (where shown) are from the start of the programme in hours and minutes
  • Image for Sotho Sounds

    Sotho Sounds Something To Think About

    Composer: Josepha Kojoane Chaka

    Junk Funk, Riverboat records, TUGCD1066, T. 11

  • Image for Catherine-Ann MacPhee

    Catherine-Ann MacPhee Puirt-A-Beul

    Canan Nan Gaidheal (Language of the Gael), Greentrax, CDTRAX009, T.10

  • Image for Budapest Bár

    Budapest Bár Alabama Song

    Hoppa! Vol 4, Sony Music Entertainment, 88697910952, T. 10

  • Image for Sinfonye

    Sinfonye Estampie Royal 'No 4'

    Composer: Anon, 13th Century

    Bella Donna: The Medieval Woman, Lover, Poet, Patroness & Saint, Helios, CDH55207, T. 12

  • Image for Mala

    Mala Calle F

    Mala in Cuba, Brownswood Recordings, whitelabel, T.13

  • Image for Metropole Orkest

    Metropole Orkest Pie Jesu

    Composer: Robert Fripp

    The Wine of Silence, Discipline Global Mobile, DGM1102, T.1

  • Image for Margaret Leng Tan

    Margaret Leng Tan In The Name Of The Holocaust. A.

    Composer: Cage

    Daughter of the Lonesome Isle, New Albion, NA070CD, T.19

  • Image for Staff Benda Bilili

    Staff Benda Bilili Sopeka

    Composer: theo Nzonza Nsituvuidi

    Bouger Le Monde!, Crammed Disks, CRAW81, T.2

  • Image for Sonny Boy Williamson

    Sonny Boy Williamson Whiskey Headed Blues

    Drunk, CD2: Wine Women and Song, Properbox, 172, CD2, T.7

  • Image for Preservation Hall Jazz Band

    Preservation Hall Jazz Band One More 'Fore I Die, feat The Del McCoury Band

    St. Peter & 57th Street, Decca / Rounder Records white label

  • Image for Vinko Globokar

    Vinko Globokar Sequenze No.5 for Solo Trombone

    Composer: Berio

    Circles, Sequenzas 1,3 & 5, Wergo, WER60612, T.4

  • Image for Various Artists

    Various Artists Puirt a beul

    Music From The Western Isles, Greentrax, CDTRAX9002, T.6

  • Image for Sidsel Endresen & Stian Westerhaus

    Sidsel Endresen & Stian Westerhaus Drawing an Arc

    Didymoi Dreams, Runegrammofon, RCD2131, T.3

  • Image for Margaret Leng Tan

    Margaret Leng Tan In The Name Of The Holocaust. B.

    Composer: Cage

    Daughter of the Lonesome Isle, New Albion, NA070CD, T.20

  • Image for Marry Waterson & Oliver Knight

    Marry Waterson & Oliver Knight I'm in a Mood

    Hidden, One Little Indian, TPLP1157CDP, T.1

  • Image for Pat Metheny

    Pat Metheny Electric Counterpoint – 1. Fast

    Composer: Reich

    Different Trains, WEA Elektra / Nonsuch, 7559-79176-2, T.4

  • Image for Fiddle & Mouth-Organed Bothy Band

    Fiddle & Mouth-Organed Bothy Band the Old Horned Sheep, Atholl Highlanders

    Bothy Ballads, Greentrax, CDTRAX9001

  • Image for Nat King Cole

    Nat King Cole Scotchin' With The Soda

    Drunk, CD2: Wine Women and Song, Properbox, 172, CD2, T. 10


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