Buying a new car, new financial advice rules and half-price supermarket wine

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September is traditionally a strong month for car sales; this year there are all sorts of offers in showrooms to tempt the motorist ranging from fancy extras to service deals but are any of them value for money?

The rules are changing on financial advice. Independent financial advisers will no longer be allowed to receive commission from the products they sell, instead they will have to charge fees for their advice up front. The consumer will benefit from cheaper products but will good financial advice now be only for the rich?

The government want companies to release data on shoppers habits so the consumer can plan future spending more efficiently. A voluntary scheme launched in the Spring has only signed up thirteen companies and now the government wants to make the scheme compulsory. Business fears it will add extra cost and bureaucracy at a time when they could do without another burden.

Shoppers want supermarkets to make clear the unit price of goods so they can compare value for money between different pack sizes. The consumer association Which? says most shoppers find supermarket pricing displays misleading or difficult to understand.

Ever wondered how the wheelchairs used by Paralympians are kept in tip top condition? Peter White meets the mechanics who keep the show on the road plus other stories from behind the scenes at the Paralympics.

The volunteer motor bikers who have been trained up to carry blood for the health service around the north west of England.

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