Peter Gibbs and the GQT team tackle gardening questions in South Devon. The panellists are Anne Swithinbank, Matthew Wilson and Bunny Guinness. In addition, Toby Buckland goes in search of miniature plants at Babbacombe Model Village, whilst Anne Swithinbank goes in search of the largest Torbay Palm.

Q1. Are there any organic treatments for bindweed, I have tried careful digging.
Try covering area with black polythene to draw the weed up.

Q2. My Weeping Fig houseplant has been dropping its leaves for several months. Does it need feeding?
It may be a question of sunlight. Weeping Figs do not like unidirectional light, so try revolving the plant once in a while. Also, keep away from dry, winter air.

Q3. Can mycorrhizal fungi benefit plants other than roses?

Q4. Lately, why are we suffering with so many plant problems eg latest Fuchsia Gall mite? Are we not controlling plant imports properly?

Q5. Help, my Bleeding Heart plant is dying!
No need to worry! It's dying back as it should, at the end of the season.

Q6. I have three blueberry plants in pots in a greenhouse with no fruit. Why?
Blueberries prefer being outdoors, They need a winter chilling and acidic soil.

Q7. There are so many plant feeds on the market. Is it fine to use a general, all-purpose feed or should I use specific feeds?
You may not need a feed at all. The majority ornamental plants don't need feeding. Edible crops will need feeding or soil enrichment.

Q8. My wife is apparently trying to murder my favourite squeeze - a lemon and an orange tree. They have been taken out the greenhouse and are shedding leaves. Should they even be outside?

The lemon tree should survive in outdoors in a sheltered, South Devon garden.
The orange will rely on a getting a decent summer, but would be better off in a greenhouse.

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