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Eric Robson, Bunny Guinness, Chris Beardshaw and Bob Flowerdew and the team are guests of Thetford Garden and Allotment Club.

Peter Gibbs delves into the RHS Wisley weather records to learn a lesson from previous bad summers. Bob Flowerdew reveals some of the ingenious tricks used in his Norfolk garden.

Q. Why won't my five-year-old potted gooseberry bear any fruit?
Try repotting to a larger container in spring and top dress with blood, fish and bonemeal. Apply woodash sporadically and thin the fruit. A very sweet variety is 'Rokula'

Q. What is on the underside of my fern leaf?
These are sporangia or sori which contain the spores.

Q. Since I removed my Laurel tree, the roots continue to sprout. How can I kill these off?
These should be physically cut out with a stump-grinder

Q. Last year my 'Giant Prague' celeriac grew well, though some of them had purple veining. When we tried to cook them they turned black. What is causing this?
Violet root rot. Try changing variety. Next time round, spray with seaweed solution which contains all the essential elements.

Q. My Clematis produces flowers with anything between 4 and 10 petals per flower? What is causing this variation?
This is symptomatic of a stressed or frail plant. Treat with care.

Q. How can I ensure my crop of cauliflower is successful this year? Last year they bolted.
Shade the white curd with a few leaves to stop it budding.

Q. How did my white Hyacinths gradually turn into bluebells?

Q. Which garden tasks do the panel consider a marathon.

Produced by Robert Abel.
A Somethin' Else production for BBC Radio 4.

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