Payday loan fine, Olympic PR and the TVs of the future

The payday lender which has had its licence revoked by the Office of Fair Trading and been fined over half a million pounds. It failed to check the identities of those applying for loans allowing fraudsters to borrow millions - it then demanded repayment from people who never took out loans in the first place.

We visit the National Houses in London where other nations seek to use the 2012 Olympics to promote themselves.

We examine the future of television - will your broadband connection soon be replacing the need for an aerial.

And have you seen the Nike advert featuring athletes competing in London? London Canada and London Nigeria that is. Or the Oddbins promotions centred around the event they can't name, in the city they mention, in the year they can't refer to? Steve Martin of M&C Saatchi and Noelle McElhatton help us weigh up who's won gold for Olympic marketing.

Plus the latest plan to get empty and derelict houses back into use. Stoke on Trent City Council want to sell some of the properties it owns for a pound and offer cheap loans to help refurbish them.

The presenter is Nick Ravenscroft
The producer is Joe Kent.

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41 minutes

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Fri 10 Aug 2012 12:04



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