Episode 2

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Show Me the Monet, Series 2 Episode 2 of 15

Duration: 45 minutes

41-year-old jazz musician Adrian, from Bristol, used to eke out a precarious living busking and creating pavement art in his youth but now he's decided to see if he's got what it takes to make it as a professional artist. His detailed and exhaustive pencil drawing entitled 'Some Kind of London' took a year to complete. But will his painstaking efforts be rewarded?

38-year-old professional sculptor Brendan earns a living from his art and from mentoring budding artists, he's hoping his appearance in front of the Hanging Committee with his porcelain and stoneware piece will catapult his career to the next level.

  • Adrian Sykes

    Adrian Sykes

    Age: 41

    From: Bristol

    Title: Some Kind Of London (2010 - 2011)

    Medium: Pencil on board

    Dimensions: 112 x 90 cm

    Guide Price at exhibition: £24,500

    Sale Price: Unsold (1 underbid of £5,500 not accepted)


    Judges' Votes

    David - Yes

    Roy - Yes

    Charlotte - No

  • Brendan Hesmondhalgh

    tx2 brendan hesmondhalgh

    Age: 38

    From: Holmfirth, West Yorkshire

    Title: Spanish Blue (2011)

    Medium: Original stoneware and porcelain

    Dimensions: 33 x 100 x 56 cm

    Guide price at exhibition: £1,600

    Sale Price: £2,251



    Judges' Votes

    David: Yes

    Roy: Yes

    Charlotte: No


Executive Producer
Damon Pattison
Executive Producer
Damon Pattison
Series Producer
Alison Kreps
Series Producer
Alison Kreps


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