Call You and Yours: Working when I'm 65

As part of the BBC's Ageing Season, 'When I'm 65', Call You and Yours looks at working beyond the traditional retirement age to find out who benefits most. Is it the individual, the company or the economy?

We want to hear your experience. Do you want to work or do you feel forced to work to keep financially afloat in the current economic climate? And how easy is it to get a job - or keep a job - later in life?

If you are happy to keep working beyond 60 or 65, why? Does your job give you a sense of satisfaction and purpose? Do you enjoy the social contact and routine that employment brings?

The Office for National Statistics found there were 1.4 million people working beyond the state pension age last year compared to 753,000 in 1993. So how does this affect the labour market? Is there any truth in the accusation that so called 'job hogging' by older workers prevents young people entering the work force?

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Presented by Julian Worricker
Produced by Karen Dalziel.

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41 minutes

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Tue 10 Jul 2012 12:04



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