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Lucy investigates the moving story of a woman from Cwmbran who wanted to give her late parents and sister a proper gravestone. But a year after paying more than £1,400 to a memorial mason she is still not able to lay flowers at a properly marked grave.

Rhodri investigates the menace of cold calling - and meets a woman with the early stages of Alzheimer's who has been sold five insurance policies for her satellite TV system. He discovers it was against the law for the companies to have rung her.

The team is in Tenby where they look at the menace of fake £1 coins. Can anyone there spot a fake?

And we discover that where you live can determine how much holiday money you get for your pound.



    A Torfaen woman who was left waiting for twelve months for a memorial stone to be installed on her family’s grave has spoken about how the delay has made it difficult for her to move on.

    Jean Assender from Cwmbran wanted a stone to mark the grave where her mum, dad and baby sister were buried.

    In June 2011 she went to Cerrig Craft Memorials and ordered a granite stone costing more than £2800, which also included cemetery fees of £157.

    Cerrig Craft told Jean that it would take about 12 weeks for the stone to come in but when she called them three months later she was told that the delivery of the stone had been delayed and over the next few months she called the firm only to be told it still hadn’t arrived. In April the firm did go to the cemetery but road-works meant they couldn’t access the entrance. Jean was also told that they wouldn’t be able to lay the stone during the wet weather.

    In June 2012, just days before father’s day she finally got the call she’d been waiting for when Cerrig Craft rang to say they were working on the grave. But the grave wasn’t completed and only the foundations were laid. It also appeared that the firm hadn’t completed the paperwork or paid the fees to lay a memorial stone in a Church in Wales cemetery.

    But after X-Ray got in touch Cerrig Craft did lay the memorial stone. The firm admitted that Jean didn’t receive the normal service they like to provide and they’ve apologised for the delay. They say they've had family difficulties and problems with suppliers. They say they've now paid the cemetery fees and given Jean a discount on her final bill.



    Pensioners David and Margaret Ormrod spent nearly £15,000 on a driveway that’s so flimsy weeds are growing through it.

    The couple from Neath employed a particular builder to tarmac their drive and build a new fence, gate and handrail.But after a month, retired watchmaker David Ormrod, 83, contacted X-Ray claiming the work was shoddy and he’d been treated unfairly by the firm.

    “The standard of work was absolute rubbish because the blokes who were working on the site had no skills at all – they were cowboys,” he said. “It seems as if they’ve just taken a foolish old man for a ride.”

    Surveyor and expert witness Tim Davies inspected the work for X-Ray.
    He said: “I’m shocked and appalled at the charge that has been made for this work because it is such low quality.

    “It’s virtually worthless. It’s going to last months – if that.”
    X-Ray has been unable to name the building company or its director because Trading Standards are taking legal action in a separate case.

    But – after X-Ray reported the issue to officers in Neath Port Talbot they have launched a further inquiry into the Ormrod case.



    Day after day we're plagued by people ringing up trying sell us stuff. But for some people, it's more than just an inconvenience.

    Mary Lloyd from Cardiff has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. Her daughter Jane has discovered she's been cold called and signed up for satellite insurance by at least five different companies. Jane cancelled most of the policies, but with one company, called Satassured, it wasn't proving easy.

    She e-mailed them twice and phoned them to ask them to cancel. They eventually told her this wouldn’t be a problem. But in spite of this, someone from Satassured phoned up her mother again and signed her up for another 5 year rolling contract costing £200.

    Jane phoned the company again, explaining her mother had memory problems. But the first £40 instalment had been taken. She was then told it would be another £40 to cancel.

    Mrs Lloyd should never have been phoned up in the first place because she’d been signed up to the Telephone Preference Service. Once you've signed up to this it's against the law for companies to cold call you.

    Companies which cold-call are supposed to screen out TPS phone numbers from the lists of numbers they use. Some firms will send their phone number lists to external companies to screen them – others will use their own computer software.

    But it seems not all companies do this. Joe Cicero from Consumer Focus believes some companies are even targeting people on the TPS. ‘Where it's open to abuse is the fact that more unscrupulous companies, have this list which is solid gold to them because they've got a large list to exploit.’

    But there is some good news for Jane and her mother, since we got in touch Satassured have repaid the £80.


Lucy Owen
Rhodri Owen
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