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Kevin Connolly has the latest from Cairo, a city awash with conspiracy theories after the authorities said they were delaying the results of Egypt's presidential election.

Jill McGivering's travelling across northern India investigating a growing water crisis. Major rivers are contaminated by pollution and wells are running dry. Religious and environmental leaders are joining forces to plead with the government to take urgent action.

As delegates at the Rio conference study papers on future energy sources, Jonny Dymond's been to Kentucky where livelihoods built around coal mining are now jeopardised by the sudden abundance of natural gas.

There's a building boom going on in the central African state of Chad but still, Celeste Hicks tells us, lives are blighted by violence, poverty abd disease.

And Koreans are being urged to dress down now that high summer's arrived in the Far East. But Lucy Williamson's been finding out that Koreans won't listen to entreaties that they should dress down, wear something cooler.

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Egypt ponders health of Mubarak and democracy

Egypt ponders health of Mubarak and democracy
The BBC's Kevin Connolly, in Cairo, on how Hosni Mubarak appears to be ending his days as a metaphor for the system he created. Read more...

The president transforming Chad

The president transforming Chad
Four years after rebels came close to toppling President Deby, the BBC's Celeste Hicks finds out how the African country is being transformed. Read more...

Feeling the heat in Seoul

Feeling the heat in Seoul
Conservative dress codes and a desire to save energy means many South Koreans are finding the summer heat uncomfortable. Read more...

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