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Will is happily playing house with Robbie but his thoughts always return to the murder case. DCI Donald calls Will in early to reveal another girl has been found dead and its Silvie. Donald is hopeful that it might help them link the murders to Sean. Sean meanwhile is still working with Gabriel unaware that he's a double agent for Lenny. Sean arranges to store some dodgy gear at the Arcade much to Lenny's annoyance. Will and Donald visit Tatiana to break the news and to ask her to identify the body. Tattie is completely devastated when she confirms that it is Silvie and a sympathetic Will walks her home but not before being reminded to take her statement by Donald. Molly arrives having heard about the murder and berates Will for not listening to her warnings that Sean was at their door. Will's ears prick up and he is furious at himself for missing such a vital lead. Molly successfully identifies Sean's mug shot but isn't able to provide Will with a reason to arrest Kennedy. Donald and Will visit Lenny where Donald proposes a temporary truce if Lenny can provide a reason for them to detain Sean. Lenny hesitates and then calls Gabriel to move the gear from the Arcade. As Sean and Gabriel are driving away, Will and Donald stop and arrest them for the dodgy goods. While Gabriel is led away, Sean denies knowledge of anything, an overeager Will launches straight into an interrogation on the dead girls and spooks Sean into calling for his lawyer. Donald is furious and reprimands Will for losing them a sure-fire advantage over Sean. When the lawyer arrives Sean is quickly released and Will can barely contain his anger. Walking back through Shieldinch, a happy-go-lucky Sean is lured into an alley and beaten with a Police baton. It's Will who slips away unnoticed by all except for Deek. Sean immediately reports on Will with an official complaint but Donald doesn't give an inch and Sean has no choice but to drop it. Despite defending him from Sean, Donald immediately drops Will from the case. He is too much of a liability. Utterly defeated by the events of the day, Will returns home to find Robbie playing host in the flat again and storms out. Meanwhile, Lenny meets with a newly freed Gabriel and gleefully announces that Sean was found just around the corner beaten up. Deek overhears this and begins to suspect that Will might have something to do with it. Will calls round at Tattie's house where they both share a moment of guilt over poor Silvie. Will returns home to apologise to Robbie and admits that he has been taken off the case but conveniently leaves out the reason. Robbie and Will kiss and make up but Will remains frustrated and troubled by the events of the day.

Tatiana is devastated by the news of Silvie's death and can't help but blame Big Bob and Molly for their unwillingness to let her stay. Molly defends her attitude but assists Will by identifying Sean from the list of Police suspects. Utterly miserable, Tattie heads to work where Dan gives her an earful. Bob has forgotten to let them know she would be late as she was going to the morgue. Later, Tattie confronts Bob for continually letting her down. Bob angrily accuses her of disregarding his feelings just because he isn't a father. Distraught, Tattie gets a visit from Will and decides to apologise to Bob. But Bob is still hurt and the distance between them grows.

Iona continues to give Tom the eye but is getting nothing back. Undaunted, she orchestrates more time with Tom under the pretence of helping a friend with their accounts, much to Hayley's annoyance. When Robbie invites everyone back to the flat an overeager Iona tries to get Tom along too. Making his excuses, Tom avoids spending more time with Iona but later happily helps Hayley when she falls in the street. Is there a spark of something between them?

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Raymond Henderson
Paul Samson
Deek Henderson
Gordon McCorkell
Iona McIntyre
Claire Knight
DC Will Cooper
Scott Vickers
Hayley McCrone
Pamela Byrne
Robbie Fraser
Gary Lamont
Bob O'Hara
Tom Urie
Molly O'Hara
Una McLean
DCI Donlad
Robin Laing
Lenny Murdoch
Frank Gallagher
Gabriel Brodie
Garry Sweeney
Tatiana O' Hara
Magdalena Kaleta
James Henry


The latest news from Shieldinch

The latest news from Shieldinch

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