Indonesia to Australia

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Duration: 59 minutes

The last leg of Simon Reeve's journey begins on the northern tip of Sumatra, near the epicentre of the 2004 tsunami, and takes him to the south western corner of Australia.

In Banda Aceh, Sharia law is in force and Simon joins the local vice and virtue squad who patrol the streets and beaches to eradicate immoral behaviour.

In the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, Simon investigates the shocking trade in exotic pets and encounters the group attempting to save one of the country's most bizarre species, the slow loris.

Next stop is Bali, another Island paradise, where Simon joins a family of seaweed farmers, who cultivate great areas of sea to provide a new protein source that some hail as a miracle crop.

Australia is the last of 16 countries of this Indian Ocean journey, and site of one of the world's greatest and most unspoilt wildernesses, the Kimberley. On a Barramundi fish farm, Simon meets a real life crocodile hunter, and ends up hauling a three metre crocodile onto the boat.

The journey ends at Cape Leeuwin, at the south west tip of Australia, where Simon draws conclusions from his journey and asks what we can do to preserve the extraordinary diversity of our oceans from the encroachment of mankind.

  • From curried fruit bat to armoured underwear

    From curried fruit bat to armoured underwear

    ‘We had to pick the best spots for filming based on the likelihood of us actually being able to tell a story, show an issue or see a stunning sight’

    Read Simon Reeve’s post on the BBC TV blog


Simon Reeve
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Sam Bagnall
Matt Brandon
Matt Brandon


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