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Duration: 30 minutes

Ben tells Phil that Ian’s missing. Phil warns Lucy not to phone the police - Jane could take Bobby. Jay panics when Ben admits he told Ian everything. Lucy struggles in the café, fending off questions from Mo and Zainab and is grateful when Phil pays Janine a cash instalment. Phil offers to track down Ian using his bank details. Christian covers the cafe and Lucy races to her exam but misses it. Jay worries that Phil could’ve killed Ian. Ben tells Lucy to call the police. She’s dialling when Tanya calls round on Jane’s behalf. Ben asks if Phil’s killed Ian. Phil swears he’d do anything to protect Ben. Lucy arrives with Ian’s bank details and pleads with Phil to find him.
Tanya’s annoyed Cora’s asked Lauren to speak to Alice about Derek. Alice is excited Lauren wants to hang out. Cora tells Derek Alice might stop by, but Tanya declares she didn’t want to see him. Alice is reluctant to leave, and visits Derek on Cora’s advice. The conversation’s awkward. Derek flares up when Alice admits Tanya’s told her about his past. Cowed, Alice leaves. Cora gives Alice Derek’s letter. Derek violently confronts Tanya - she’s dead if she sticks the knife in again.
Tyler buys two ornamental lions from Zainab’s charity shop offerings from Afia. Zainab discovers they’re worth £200. She lies her mother left them to her, but Tyler’s unmoved. Andrew’s appalled and squares up to him. Patrick pretends to choke. Andrew performs the Heimlich manoeuvre. Rose heralds him as a hero. Andrew returns the lions to a guilty Zainab.
Janine wants a church wedding for Michael and arranges a visit from Reverend Stevens. Michael jokes about Janine’s past three marriages. Embarrassed, Janine admits she was only doing it for Michael.

Music Played

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Phil Mitchell
Steve McFadden
Lucy Beale
Hetti Bywater
Ben Mitchell
Joshua Pascoe
Jay Mitchell
Jamie Borthwick
Derek Branning
Jamie Foreman
Alice Branning
Jasmyn Banks
Tanya Jessop
Jo Joyner
Cora Cross
Ann Mitchell
Lauren Branning
Jacqueline Jossa
Whitney Dean
Shona McGarty
Tyler Moon
Tony Discipline
Andrew Cotton
Ricky Grover
Zainab Khan
Nina Wadia
Afia Masood
Meryl Fernandes
Rose Cotton
Polly Perkins
Patrick Trueman
Rudolph Walker
Janine Butcher
Charlie Brooks
Michael Moon
Steve John Shepherd
Mo Harris
Laila Morse
Christian Clarke
John Partridge
Bobby Beale
Alex Francis
Reverend Stevens
Michael Keating
Executive Producer
Bryan Kirkwood
Clive Arnold
Rebecca Wojciechowski


Maria Friedman to play Linda's mum


Star of the stage Maria Friedman will guest as Elaine Peacock.

Suffer the consequences

Alfie and Kat

When Alfie goes to visit Kat in hospital, he's guilt-ridden at the misery he's caused.

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