In the first of this five part series, Shah Rukh Khan pays tribute to his father as the "most important hero of my life".

Named as one of the youngest freedom fighters for India at the time, Taj Mohammed Khan played an integral part in Shah Rukh's life until he died of throat cancer when the Bollywood star was just 15.

Shah Rukh talks about all the lessons his father taught him; kindness, patience, humour and that "it is not special to be special, it is special to be ordinary."

The Bollywood star also credits his father as the reason he entered the industry. Shah Rukh says the great Dilip Kumar was his dad's favourite actor and that's why he decided to play the role of Devdas in the remake, a role originally played by Dilip Kumar.

He also talks about how he wants to be like his dad; a gentleman, a good father and someone with a lot of strength.

The actor explains how he misses his father, "the stories can go on and on about my father, and I can spend a whole lifetime talking about my dad. And tell you how he has had such a major impression on my life and I really do miss him.".

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