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Book at Bedtime, Jubilee Episode guide

  1. Episode 10

    10/10 The day of the reunion arrives and Satish returns to Cherry Gardens.

    First broadcast: 08 Jun 2012

    Image for Episode 10 Not currently available
  2. Episode 9

    9/10 Satish has upped his dose, and it is dangerously affecting his work.

    First broadcast: 07 Jun 2012

    Image for Episode 9 Not currently available
  3. Episode 8

    8/10 Worried by his behaviour, Maya tries to get Satish to tell her what's wrong.

    First broadcast: 06 Jun 2012

    Image for Episode 8 Not currently available
  4. Episode 7

    7/10 Satish wrongly accuses an old friend of blackmailing him.

    First broadcast: 05 Jun 2012

    Image for Episode 7 Not currently available
  5. Episode 6

    6/10 Everyone seems to be working happily together to organise the perfect street party.

    First broadcast: 04 Jun 2012

    Image for Episode 6 Not currently available
  6. Episode 5

    5/10 At the hospital, caring for his patients, Satish feels in control of his life.

    First broadcast: 01 Jun 2012

    Image for Episode 5 Not currently available
  7. Episode 4

    4/10 Satish's wife tells his father about the silver jubilee photograph.

    First broadcast: 31 May 2012

    Image for Episode 4 Not currently available
  8. Episode 3

    3/10 Satish has started self-medicating to keep his anxiety under control.

    First broadcast: 30 May 2012

    Image for Episode 3 Not currently available
  9. Episode 2

    2/10 Satish remembers waking in Cherry Gardens on the morning of the jubilee in 1977.

    First broadcast: 29 May 2012

    Image for Episode 2 Not currently available
  10. Episode 1

    1/10 Satish dreads a reunion to celebrate the 30th anniversary of a silver jubilee photo.

    First broadcast: 28 May 2012

    Image for Episode 1 Not currently available

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