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Tuesday 22 May 2012

Do men want to be the principal breadwinner in a relationship? Writer Tony Parsons thinks so, and joins Jane to discuss. The Chelsea flower show is open to the public today - while the designs exhibited may be beautiful, how environmentally friendly are they? Should we even be concerned about how green gardening is, or should we just enjoy the showcase of talent? Should schools take parent's views into account when deciding how to teach potentially controversial subjects? And the historian Lucy Worsley on her new TV series, a 17th Century History for Girls. Presented by Jane Garvey.


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  • Restoration Women – Lucy Worsley

    From the 1660s the English Restoration changed women’s lives radically. In a new television series historian Dr Lucy Worsley examines the lives of some of these women, from playwright Aphra Benn to the notorious Nell Gwynn, most famous of King Charles II’s many mistresses. Some of these women achieved wealth and power that seems outstanding even by 21st century standards. And with the arrival of the popular printed pamphlet our obsession with celebrity looks and tabloid tittle-tattle was born.

    Harlots, Housewives and Heroines:a 17th century history for girls starts on Tuesday 22nd May at 9pm on BBC Four.

  • Teaching controversial issues in school

    Republic, the campaign for an alternative to the monarchy, has issued guidance for parents concerned about the way the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is being taught in schools. It points out that the European Convention on Human Rights includes a parent's right “to ensure that their religious and philosophical beliefs are respected during the children’s education”. But should schools acknowledge parents' views? Jane talks to Emily Robinson from Republic and Dr Michael Hand, Reader in the Philosophy of Education at the Institute of Education in London.

  • The politics of gardening

    The Chelsea flower show is a highlight in the calendar for gardeners – both armchair and actual. But while the designs exhibited may be beautiful, how environmentally friendly are they? Should we even be concerned about how green gardening is, or should we just enjoy the showcase of talent? And in our own backyards. And what efforts could we make to limit the impact our efforts have on the environment? Jane talks to Mary Reynolds and Anne Wareham.

  • Male breadwinners

    There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that the battle for equal pay has not been won, and many women live… some quite happily… with the fact that their husband or partner earns more than they do. But what of the man whose wife brings home much more of the family bacon than him? Is he to be pitied? The writer Tony Parsons would seem to suggest so. He wrote recently that “all men want to protect and provide for their family... (it's) hard-wired deep in male DNA (they want to be) the principal breadwinner in their home”. If they are not the principal breadwinner, they “will secretly feel as if they have failed their partner”. Tony Parsons and conductor Chris Gayford join Jane in the studio.

  • Chelsea Flower Show QR Code Garden

    Chelsea Flower Show QR Code Garden


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