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Duration: 30 minutes

Shirley wakes up at Derek’s. She’s appalled when Derek intimates something happened between them but relieved when she realises he’s joking. Ben and Jay send Shirley away when, prompted by Derek, she joins them in the gym. After buying tarty knickers from a stall, Derek taunts Phil about his night with Shirley, asking him to return the knickers to her. Phil punches Derek. Shirley breaks up the men’s fight. Phil tells Shirley he made a mistake, but she walks away, she’s done being a Mitchell. Feeling rejected, Max’s angry with Tanya. Tanya joins him on a test drive to force him to talk to her. Tanya explains the cancer’s still controlling everything she does, she wants their old connection, but just remembers the pain. Max’s reassuring, he doesn’t want a life without her and doesn’t care how long it takes. She admits she was scared to tell him, he’s not the hearts and flowers type. They reminisce about their first date. Later, Max proves he can be romantic, setting up fairy lights and music in the Square Gardens. He and Tanya dance and kiss.

Janine comes to take the kids measurements and tells Bianca she wants the bulging ceiling sorted by Friday. Derek notices Carol’s Greek postcard. He catches Tiffany and Morgan sneaking a kitten into the house. Lister accuses Bianca of overfilling the café bins. Past caring, she tips litter all over the street.
Dot frogmarches Fat Boy to a recruitment agency, but there aren’t any suitable jobs. Later, Fat Boy’s thrilled to get a place on an unpaid scheme which could lead to a paid job. He’s dismayed to discover he’ll be serving in McKlunky’s and not only is his boss, Nico, someone he earlier made fun of, he’s also Mr Papadopoulos’ nephew and a favourite of Dot’s.


Shirley Carter
Linda Henry
Phil Mitchell
Steve McFadden
Ben Mitchell
Joshua Pascoe
Jay Mitchell
Jamie Borthwick
Arthur 'Fat Boy' Chubb
Ricky Norwood
Dot Branning
June Brown
Derek Branning
Jamie Foreman
Carol Jackson
Lindsey Coulson
Bianca Butcher
Patsy Palmer
Morgan Butcher
Devon Higgs
Tiffany Butcher
Maisie Smith
Max Branning
Jake Wood
Tanya Jessop
Jo Joyner
Janine Butcher
Charlie Brooks
Alfie Moon
Shane Richie
Mr Lister
Nick Wilton
Nico Papadolpoulos
Aykut Hilmi
Recruitment Officer
Helen Millar
Executive Producer
Bryan Kirkwood
Karl Neilson
Matt Evans


Alfie gets a grilling


Alfie is taken away for questioning. Is the truth about to come out?

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