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Episode 5 of 8

Duration: 58 minutes

The home of Mozart, The Sound of Music and Arnold Schwarzenegger provides the fifth leg of the Hairy Bikers' adventure. The trip starts in Vienna, patisserie capital of the world, and ends atop the spectacular Grossglockner Alpine pass, one of the world's most spectacular biking roads.

In Vienna, Si and Dave unravel the mystery of the two competing sachertorte recipes and taste the latest version - sachertorte 'reloaded'. They make apfelstrudel with the owner of a roadside B&B, cook linzertorte in Linz and a chocolate gugelhupf cake for a bunch of bikers from Huddersfield.

Along the way, they also meet a former baking world champion to see how he has reinvented gingerbread, and discover the 'green gold' of Austria - nutritious, delicious pumpkin seed oil. In this largely Catholic country, the Bikers overnight in a monastery and are up with the lark to cook kipferl, a giant 'brioche meets croissant', for the monks' breakfast.

And, of course, you can't travel through Austria without learning to yodel. That is where Fritz comes in, mountain-man, wood-fire cook and yodel-coach - a real one-off.

  • Dave and Si's recipes from Austria

    Dave and Si's recipes from Austria

    Visit BBC Food to see the recipes from Dave and Si's visit to Austria.

    Hairy Bikers' recipes at BBC Food
  • Route map

    Route map

    Styria region – Herbersdorf, Nr Graz
    Zell Am See

  • The Bonka guest house on Hauptstraße 61

    The Bonka guest house on Hauptstraße 61

    Dave’s lost tooth gives him second place in the local teeth displaying competition.

  • The mighty beard and lederhosen of Fritz Sendlhofer

    The mighty beard and lederhosen of Fritz Sendlhofer

    Fritz Sendlhofer displays some magnificent facial furniture and is garbed like a true alpine Austrian against the backdrop of Zell Am See, on the shore of Lake Zeller in the region of Salzburg.

  • Holy Pumpkins

    Holy Pumpkins

    Pumpkin seed oil is an important export of Austria. Here the boys get right to the pumpkin of the issue.

  • Discover languages with The Open University

    Discover languages with The Open University

    Find out how the Bikers broke through the language barrier and explore the OU's baking map of Europe languages.

    Visit Bakeation from OpenLearn on The Open University


Si King
Dave Myers
Series Producer
Oliver Clark
Executive Producer
Gill Tierney
Dick Sharman


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