300 la air Eilean/300 days on an Island

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Soillse, Series 3 Episode 29 of 35

Duration: 50 minutes

Tha Xavier Rosset airson faighinn a mach ciamar a mhaireas e 300 là na aonar air Eilean anns a' Chuan Shèimh. Aig an toiseach cha bhith uidheamachd sam bith aige ach machete, sgian, bucas cobhair-èiginn agus camara. Faic mar a tha e a' strì tro acras, tinneas, stoirmean tropaigeach agus lean an dùbhlan fìor dhuilich a tha seo bho là gu là.

Xavier Rosset decides to see how he will cope with spending 300 days alone on a Pacific island. The only equipment he will take is a machete, a knife, a first-aid kit and a camera. Witness how he struggles through hunger, illness and tropical hurricanes, and follow, day by day, this incredibly tough challenge.


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