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Without mathematics, sport just wouldn't exist! Time-keeping, scoring, speed, distance, probability - it is all mathematics. And in a world where a tenth of a second or a few millimetres can transform an ordinary person into a world champion, it is absolutely essential.

This series takes 30 lucky children on a journey into the mathematical world that underpins their favourite sport.

They are taken to some of greatest sporting locations across the UK, swept up on a behind-the-scenes tour of the venue and get to meet a sporting legend.

But the spotlight soon turns to them as they are set a challenge where they have to get to grips with some real mathematics. Will they complete their challenges and win the gold medal?

In this episode, rugby fans Finnley and Dylan are taken to the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff to meet two of the Wales national rugby team and are given a challenge to measure their furthest pass. Rowing fans Lachlan and Morgan visit the national training centre by the River Thames to meet Olympic rower Anna Watkins and undertake their multiplication challenge. Gymnastics fans Megan and Konor get to try out all of the equipment at the Olympic-accredited Heathrow Gym and are set their shape-finding challenge by national champion Daniel Purvis. Young cyclists Angel and Mabel get to see the GB indoor cycling team training at the Manchester Velodrome and are given a timing challenge by multiple gold medal winner Sarah Storey. Finally budding footballers Mia and Orla are taken to the Arsenal training centre to meet their sporting heroes and take on their scoring challenge.

Will these young sports people complete their challenges and go home with gold?

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Mark Chapman
Diana Hill
Assistant Producer
Suzy Boyles


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