The Hidden Backlash

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Asian Women working in the community are increasingly receiving death threats, hate mail and daily harassment in trying to support women who face domestic abuse and so-called " honour " violence. Fear of reprisals means many cases are going unreported according to the Crown Prosecution Service. In this Asian Network Report Special - Comedian Shazia Mirza, who faced her own backlash when she started doing stand-up ,meets some of the victims facing daily abuse.
One, 'Renu' , who has been working in the community for 12 years says the number of incidents have increased and become more sinister. Other's like Shaista say she receives dozens of emails every day saying they will slash her throat because she's challenging and attacking religious traditions .
The Crown Prosecution Service says this intimidation means many cases are going unreported and is urging more women to come forward . The CPS has set up a special squad to help tackle so-called " honour" crime but says it's work is being hampered by a lack of willing witnesses terrified about possible revenge.
Presenter : Shazia Mirza
Producer : Perminder Khatkar.

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