Rock Star

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Pixelface, Series 2 Episode 12 of 13

Duration: 25 minutes

Legendary rock guitarist Kirk Beaglemayer arrives in the console from the game Rock Legend to the delight of Rex, his biggest fan. Needing a new singer for his band, Kirk decides to audition the group for a possible replacement. Who will win?

Aethelwynne tries desperately to shed his folk roots and become a rock god, whilst Riley is determined to learn a musical instrument. Kiki, Alexia and Claireparker form what they hope will be a chart-topping girlband, and Romford offers his services as their manager, although the lack of musical talent in the band forces him to take drastic measures. Rex is not keen to enter, however; could he be the best singer of them all?


Will Andrews
Sgt Riley
Gareth Tunley
Rex Dynamo
David Armand
Kiki Nova
Hannah Job
Anna Crilly
Justin Edwards
Voice of the Console
Tara Flynn
Sasha Ransome
Series Producer
Jeremy Salsby
Justin Edwards
Rock Star
Phil Cornwell
Simon Day


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