Fraser Nelson Editor of The Spectator looks behind the scenes at Westminster.

The chancellor unveiled his budget this week where unusually much of the content was leaked in advance except for the change in taxation for the over 65s which has caused a furore.
Duncan Hames Liberal Democrat and Claire Perry Conservative discuss whose ideas really won the day, while Ruth Porter from the IEA and Baroness Greengross who chairs the all party committee on Intergenerational Futures, discuss the elephant in the room -the measure affecting pensioners that didn't get leaked and has proved very controversial.

Part of government policy which did not get a mention in the budget was Quantitative Easing the process by which the Bank of England pumps money into the economy to try and promote growth. It's a technical subject not often debated, but should we know more about it given that it can have adverse effects for savers and pensioners?
Jesse Norman a Conservative member of the Treasury Select Committee and Kitty Ussher formerly on the Labour government Treasury team think the issue needs to be more widely considered.

The Scotland Bill is currently progressing through the House of Lords, but is it going to stop independence in its tracks? Lord Forsyth Conservative says it's unlikely Liberal Democrat Lord Steel thinks it will.

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