Granny's Moving In

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Wonderland, Series 4 Episode 7 of 8

Duration: 1 hour

With costs of retirement homes rising, more people are choosing to take on the care of elderly relatives in their own homes. Sue and Phil Carroll have decided they have to do something about Sue's 83-year-old mother, Peggy. Paddy Wivell's film follows them as they try to manage an octogenarian who has become as difficult as a teenage daughter.

A 90-year-old manfriend, a passion for dancing, a love of night life, and a cavalier determination to enjoy herself at all costs mean Peggy is out on the town while Sue and Phil are repeatedly left worrying about her safety. After a few stressful months of them all living together under one roof, Sue and Phil alight upon what they hope will be the perfect solution to their lives - a garage conversion designed to give Peggy her independence and them their peace of mind.


Paddy Wivell
Paddy Wivell
Series Editor
Nick Mirsky


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