Grizzlies of Alaska

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Natural World, 2011-2012 Episode 9 of 13

Duration: 1 hour

A mother grizzly bear brings up her two cubs in the wilds of Alaska. She must keep them safe from prowling males, teach them to hunt and prepare them to survive the savage winter. Alaska has the highest density of grizzlies in the world, so fights and face-offs are common. Biologist Chris Morgan spends the summer in this land of bears, often getting far too close for comfort.

  • Chris Morgan watches brown bears

    Chris Morgan watches brown bears

    During salmon season the bears are completely focused on fish and do not pay much attention to film crew.

  • Filming with grizzly bear mum and cubs

    Filming with grizzly bear mum and cubs

    Joseph Pontecorvo and Chris Morgan with Nadie and cubs. They spent an entire season getting to know these bears, an eye-opening experience for the filmmakers.

  • Filming bears in slow motion

    Filming bears in slow motion

    Joseph Pontecorvo shooting with a high-speed camera. It was an incredible experience for the team to see these bears chase salmon in slow motion. One can see every muscle of the bears and every movement of the fish in the water. It is quite a remarkable dance that is taking place between predator and prey.


Chris Morgan
Series Editor
Steve Greenwood
Executive Producer
Chris Cole
Joe Pontecorvo
Joe Pontecorvo


Great Bear Stakeout

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In Alaska an expert team of film-makers follow the astonishing lives of grizzly bears.

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