Wool, Glass, Paper

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Duration: 30 minutes

Key Stage 1 science series that introduces five- to seven-year-olds into the world of materials science. Curious Cat is an animated character who inspires different children to go on incredible journeys of science and discovery, meeting experts along the way to explore basic science questions. The children visit two to three locations before returning to give feedback on what they have discovered.

In this programme, the children investigate how a sheep's fleece is turned into woolly scarves, how panes of glass are made and how trees are turned into paper.

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  • Photo: Glass

    Photo: Glass

    Two seven-year-olds take a trip to a glass-making factory to discover how panes of glass are made. They start by learning that glass is made from raw materials such as sand, soda ash and limestone. The different stages and processes involved in making a flat pane of glass are seen, including the float glass process, which makes the molten glass flat and smooth. This is demonstrated in a lab using oil and water. The children watch the raw material go in one end of the process and finish by watching the glass being cut into different sizes.

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  • Photo: Wool

    Photo: Wool

    Two seven-year-olds go on a journey of discovery to find out how a sheep's fleece is turned into woolly scarves. They meet an expert who guides them through the different stages a sheep's fleece has to go through to end up as a scarf. They see the fleeces from the farms being sorted, washed, dried, combed and spun into yarn. In the end they finger-knit their own scarves and tell Curious Cat what they have learnt.

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  • Photo: Paper

    Photo: Paper

    Curious Cat sets two seven-year-olds off to a paper mill, where they meet an expert who shows them around and tells them how paper is made. The children see logs coming in from the forest, being loaded on to the debarking drum and having their bark removed. In the lab the expert shows them how pulp, made from crushed logs and water, is turned into paper. Back in the factory, the children finish by seeing the large rolls of paper at the end of the paper-making process.

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