The Battle for Egypt

A year after President Mubarak of Egypt was brought down by 18 days of street protest, the army, then hailed as heroes for defending the revolution, are now seen by many as villains. Despite almost daily street protests calling on them to step down, the generals are still running the country. They say they'll handover power once a new president has been elected in the summer.

When they do hand over it will be to a government that's likely to be dominated by Islamists, who won around 70 per cent of the seats in parliament in recent elections. The young activists who drove the revolution find themselves on the political fringes, with only a handful of seats in parliament and lacking a unified organisation.

Magdi Abdelhadi, who reported from Cairo during the final tumultuous days of President Mubarak's 30-year rule, returns to assess who's winning the struggle in a three-way battle for power in Egypt between the army, the Islamists and the revolutionaries.

Interviewees include: Shady El Ghazaly Harb, one of the revolutionaries; Mohamed Ghozlan, spokesman for the Moslem Brotherhood; former military intelligence officer General Sameh Seif Al-Yazal; historian Khamal Famy; Julie Hughes of the National Democratic Institute.

The producer is Tim Mansel.

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