Call You and Yours: How can we increase the numbers of organ donors?

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Should everyone be forced to donate their organs?

Every year, between 500 and 1,000 people die because of a shortage of organs in the UK, according to the British Medical Association.

Today they're unveiling a set of proposals to try to tackle Britain's chronic organ shortage.

At the moment patients diagnosed as brain-dead are kept on an artificial ventilator only long enough for loved ones to say goodbye or for immediate emergency organ donation. Now the British Medical Association is recommending a practice known as 'elective ventilation' where patients are kept alive as long as is necessary to allow organ donation. It's a procedure used in Spain and the United States but was ruled unlawful by the Department of Health in 1994.

On today's Call You & Yours we want to hear what you think should be done to increase the number of organ donors. Should we continue with the way it is and hope that more people become organ donors. Or should we look at other options like the opt-out system with safeguards rather than opt-in system we already have.

If you want to have your say you can call us on 03700-100-444.

Or you can email via our web page; and don't forget to leave a contact number where we can reach you. Or you can text us on 84844 and we might call you back.

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