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Jack receives a letter that puts him in a reflective mood before he leaves for court. Outside the courtroom Roxy gives Jack one more chance to be honest but is left gutted when he doesn’t confess. Inside the courtroom Jimmy tears into Jack over his capability as a father, using Penny’s accident and Billie’s death as ammunition against him. Jack makes an impassioned speech on how it’s not fair to be judged by mistakes from his past; all he wants is to be there for Amy, that’s what dads do. Jack is furious with Roxy for allowing Jimmy to smear his name but Roxy confesses she knows all about the passport, warning him that she’ll do whatever it takes, as that’s what mums do.
Dot informs Ian that she’s going to Heather’s wedding instead of his. Ian takes the news personally, confessing he’s scared that if they delay any longer Mandy might change her mind but she insists this will never happen. Lucy steals Mandy’s phone and writes down ‘L’s number before sending them a text off her own phone, pretending to be Mandy. Lucy’s plan comes together when ‘L’ texts her back, saying they’ll see her soon.
Cora notices the impracticalities of Patrick living with the Moon boys and Fatboy living at Dot’s and hatches a plan for them to swap houses.
When Dot and Fatboy sit down for a talk and both mention the idea of Fatboy moving out they realize they have been played but Dot makes the decision that it’s time for Fatboy to spread his wings and move out.
Ray confronts Derek over storing stolen copper wire in the Vic barrel store but Derek warns him he should be careful about who he is making unhappy.
Bianca feels guilty when Tiffany asks if Ricky is coming home soon.

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Role Contributor
Jack BranningScott Maslen
Roxy MitchellRita Simons
Dot BranningJune Brown
Heather TrottCheryl Fergison
Andrew CottonRicky Grover
Arthur 'Fat Boy' ChubbRicky Norwood
Cora CrossAnn Mitchell
Ian BealeAdam Woodyatt
Mandy SalterNicola Stapleton
Lucy BealeHetti Bywater
Derek BranningJamie Foreman
Max BranningJake Wood
Carol JacksonLindsey Coulson
Bianca ButcherPatsy Palmer
Tiffany ButcherMaisie Smith
Michael MoonSteve John Shepherd
Billy MitchellPerry Fenwick
Ray DixonChucky Venn
Patrick TruemanRudolph Walker
Shirley CarterLinda Henry
Executive ProducerBryan Kirkwood
DirectorLance Kneeshaw
WriterNicholas Hicks-Beach
Tyler MoonTony Discipline
JimmieSamuel James
RachelSarah Malin

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