Denbigh, North Wales

Peter Gibbs chairs a gardening Q&A with the North Wales branch of the Cottage Garden Society. In addition, a report from a Welsh nursery with a long history of tropical plant-collecting.
Bunny Guinness, Pippa Greenwood and Matthew Biggs are on the panel.

In addition, how to perk up a droopy bouquet; and warding off the white rot, how to prevent an attack.

Questions addressed in the programme:
Plant suggestions for a Welsh bouquet:
Suggestions included: Myrtle, Hedera helix 'Poetica' or Poet's Ivy, Lily of the Valley.

My garlic always falls victim to white rot. How can I prevent it? The panel recommended the following garlic varieties for their resistance to white rot: Albigensian, Solent White and Cristo.

Which climbing edibles can I grow on my archway? I already grow runner beans and sweet peas. Suggestions included cucumbers.

Should we adjust pruning regimes in light of fluctuating weather and season length?

Why are the leaves of my Cycad going white?

Im growing crocus, daffs and tulips in pots with compost. Do I need to feed them? Can I plant them out in the Autumn?

Why has my 25-year old Tulip Tree has never flowered?

Why do my foxtail lilies only produce bulbs and no flowers.

What can I plant in my garden for a mid-July wedding. No yellow or orange please. Suggestions included Lavender and Sweet peas.

Produced by Lucy Dichmont & Howard Shannon
A Somethin' Else production for BBC Radio 4.

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Sun 12 Feb 2012 14:00

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