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Duration: 45 minutes

Death Row Dogs looks at the growing problem of illegal fighting dogs on the streets of Britain. Despite being banned in the early 90s, pit bulls have become the dog of choice for criminals; sentences are lower than for carrying a knife or a gun but the results can be just as severe. However the problem is not just confined to pit bulls, injuries caused by dogs are at record levels and rising. Sadly fatalities are not uncommon.

This film gains access to the work of the West Midlands Police Dangerous Dog Unit as they try to tackle the growing problem. We see raids on high profile gang members, crack dealers, a suspected fighting dog ring and a mother who keeps a pit bull for protection. Due to the current law the police sometimes have to destroy a sociable dog and let potentially violent ones go free.

We also follow the tragic stories of families who have had a child killed by an out of control dog. How did it happen? Could it have been prevented? And how have the family dealt with the shocking trauma of such a brutal death?

The film asks whether the current laws work? Why dangerous dogs like the fearsome pit bulls are such an issue? And what can be done to stop the problem getting worse?

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Tue 24 Jan 2012 23:35 BBC One Northern Ireland, Scotland only


Executive Producer
Paul Hamann


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