Episode 5

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Episode 5 of 12

Duration: 1 hour

Richard Hammond and co-host Amanda Byram encourage twenty foolhardy Brits to attempt a wintery obstacle course that is so preposterously icy, outrageously snowy and nonsensically slippery that only the hope of winning ten thousand pounds keeps them warm.

The Winter Blob makes a welcome appearance to send the contestants into orbit whilst Granny's House and the Big Red Balls attempt to send the participants flying. Twelve will make it through to Ski-lift and only five of them head to Winter Blunderland. The Wipeout Zone witnesses the top three attempt to take the title and win the cash.

Can cherry man John eat enough cherries to make it through? Can Rio the coach driver drive his way to victory or will Mica the Welsh sprint champion become the Winter Wipeout Champion? All will be revealed.


Richard Hammond
Amanda Byram
Series Producer
Emma Taylor
Executive Producer
Andy Rowe


Total Wipeout

Total Wipeout

Contestants take on an extreme obstacle course in the hope of winning a cash prize.

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