Star Guides & Calendars

Use these BBC Learning downloads, videos and articles to get hands-on with astronomy - there’s a whole Universe to explore.

2014 planners

  • Calendar 2014Calendar 2014

    What to look for in the night sky and when, with facts and beautiful photos (English and Welsh PDFs).

  • iCalendar 2014iCalendar 2014

    Stargazing alerts for PC, Mac and mobile to stay informed throughout the astronomical year.

  • Star charts 2014Star charts 2014

    Print out and keep these new star charts for the year ahead (PDF 0.7MB).

Background guides


  • Event PackEvent Pack

    Inspiration for activities for event organisers (PDF 3.2MB).

  • Star Party PackStar Party Pack

    Fun and interesting ways to host your very own star party with family and friends of all ages.

  • Telescope GuideTelescope Guide

    Buying a telecope for the first time? Then you need to read this (PDF 0.6MB).

  • Star GuideStar Guide

    With star maps and exciting facts about our stars and planets.

  • Make your own telescopeMake your own telescope

    Step-by-step guide to building your own refractor telescope (PDF 0.3MB).

Animated guides

  • Short guide to starsShort guide to stars

    This beautiful animation explains how stars shine, why we're all made of star stuff, and much more.

  • Short guide to MarsShort guide to Mars

    In the search for life beyond Earth, why is the Red Planet still our greatest obsession?

Mark Thompson's astronomy guides

  • Choosing a telescopeChoosing a telescope

    Find out the difference between reflectors and refractors and work out which telescope could be right for you.

  • AstrophotographyAstrophotography

    Mark shows you how to capture great images of space without using expensive kit.

Stargazing apps

  • Mobile appsMobile apps

    There are hundreds of apps available for smartphones which can help you further explore the night sky. Take a look at this handy guide and get started! (PDF 1.1MB, Adobe Reader required).

  • Desktop appsDesktop apps

    There's a great range of computer apps that can further your astronomical investigations. This guide will show you a couple to get you started (PDF1.1MB, Adobe Reader required).

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