Bring astronomy to life in the classroom with these engaging resources from BBC Learning, including an exclusive lesson with Professor Brian Cox.

Jobs with the stars (KS3)

  • Tim Peake - UK astronautTim Peake - UK astronaut

    Astronaut is the dream job for many children, but what do you need to do to be one, and what exactly do they get up to? UK astronaut Tim Peake reveals all.

  • Dr Maggie Aderin Pocock - space scientistDr Maggie Aderin Pocock - space scientist

    Some people find reading and writing more of a challenge than others. Dr Maggie Aderin Pocock tells us how she overcame her difficulties and discovered a passion for science.

  • Marek Kukula - public astronomerMarek Kukula - public astronomer

    Here at Stargazing we're keen to encourage people to look up at the stars, and as Public Astronomer at Greenwich Royal Observatory that's Marek Kukula's job too.

  • Lewis Dartnell - astrobiologistLewis Dartnell - astrobiologist

    Every week more exoplanets - planets that orbit distant stars - are discovered, and some could be capable of supporting life. Lewis hopes to find out what it might be like.

  • Ben Boyes - Mars Rover systems engineerBen Boyes - Mars Rover systems engineer

    We talk to Ben Boyes, at satellite maker Astrium, who's working on the ExoMars 2018 Rover project which will one day make its way across the surface of Mars!


Blue Peter challenges

  • Fruity scale model of the Solar SystemFruity scale model of the Solar System

    How big is space? Helen Czerski helps a group of children see the scale of the Solar System using some unusual ingredients.

  • Earth, Sun and Moon orbitsEarth, Sun and Moon orbits

    Jem Stansfield sends a group of children rotating around to figure out the orbits of our planet, our star and our nearest neighbour, the Moon.

  • Phases of the MoonPhases of the Moon

    Helen Czerski helps one boy find out the about the phases of the Moon, and how you can recreate them at home or in the classroom.

  • The seasonsThe seasons

    Why do we have seasons? Helen Czerski and two curious children investigate, with the help of a torch and a globe.

  • Making rocketsMaking rockets

    Three, two, one... blastoff! Jem Stansfield helps a group of children fire their own rockets to learn about space flight.

  • TelescopesTelescopes

    What is a telescope? Jem Stansfield helps a group of children make their own and use it to look to the skies.

Early years

Animated questions answered

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