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1 hour, 55 minutes
First broadcast:
Thursday 26 January 2012

Driving you home tonight Simon Mayo is joined by resident gastronome Nigel Barden. He'll be dropping by in hour 2 with more delicious dishes for your delectation!

Plus Rebecca Pike has the top money stories, Matt Williams rounds up the day's sports news and Sally Boazman joins us with those all important travel updates.

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  • Image for Electric Light Orchestra

    Electric Light Orchestra Hold On Tight

    Fantastic 80's Disc 1 (Various Artists), Columbia

  • Image for Chris Isaak

    Chris Isaak Live It Up

    Beyond The Sun, Rhino, 1

  • Image for Elton John

    Elton John Island Girl

    Elton John Greatest Hits 1970-2002, Mercury

  • Image for Texas

    Texas Black Eyed Boy

    Hits Zone - The Best Of 97 (Various), Polygram Tv

  • Image for The Police

    The Police Message In A Bottle

    The Very Best Of Sting & The Police, A&M

  • Image for Bruce Springsteen

    Bruce Springsteen We Take Care Of Our Own

    (CD Single), Columbia, 25

  • Image for Fontella Bass

    Fontella Bass Rescue Me

    Shades Of Soul (Various Artists), Global Television

  • Image for Bachman-Turner Overdrive

    Bachman-Turner Overdrive You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

    And The Road Goes On Forever Vol 1, Debutante

  • Image for Eric Carmen

    Eric Carmen All By Myself

    No Greater Love (Various Artists), Global Records & Tapes

  • Image for Maverick Sabre

    Maverick Sabre No One

    Lonely Are The Brave, Mercury, 1

  • Image for Dusty Springfield

    Dusty Springfield I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself

    Dusty- The Silver Collection, Philips

  • Image for Emeli Sandé

    Emeli Sandé Next To Me

    (CD Single), Virgin, 1

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    Glen Campbell Rhinestone Cowboy

    Ultimate Country (Various Artists), Telstar

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    Crystal Gayle – Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue

    OPTION B :
    Glen Campbell – Rhinestone Cowboy

    OPTION C :
    Lady Antebellum – Just A Kiss

    OPTION D :
    Jim Reeves – He’ll Have To Go

    Choose your Showstopper by texting the word COUNTRY plus your choice A, B, C or D – ***with no gaps *** - to 88291.

    Texts are charged at your standard message rate.

    You have until 6.45 tonight…then join Bob Harris after 7 for the best in Country...

  • Beef Stroganoff Recipe

    Beef Stroganoff by Jamie Oliver

    Serves 4

    Prep time: 20 mins

    Cooking time: 15-20 mins


    • 500g fillet steak
    • 1 tsp paprika
    • Zest of 1 lemon, grated
    • 1 red onion, chopped
    • 1 garlic clove, chopped
    • Olive oil
    • 2 handfuls of wild mushrooms,
    cleaned & torn
    • Knob of butter
    • Small glass of brandy
    • 50ml sour cream
    • 2–3 flat-leaf parsley sprigs,
    leaves picked & chopped
    • Bread & gherkins, to serve


    1. Place the beef between 2 sheets of cling-film & bash with a rolling pin until ½cm thick, then cut into finger-width slices.

    2. Mix the paprika, lemon zest, salt and pepper, & use to dust the beef.

    3. In a large frying pan over a low-medium heat, fry the onion & garlic till softened.

    4. Turn up heat & add the mushrooms & butter, sautéing until the mushrooms are golden brown, & reserve.

    5. Add a little oil to the pan, fry the beef for 2 mins, turning, till browned but still pink inside.

    6. Stir in the mushroom-onion mixture, add the brandy & reduce for 1 min or till almost disappeared.

    7. Remove from heat & stir in the cream & parsley.

    8. Serve with bread & gherkins.

    Nigel's Top Tip

    It's a pretty obliging dish, so you can serve it with pappardelle, white rice, or fresh crusty white bread with plenty of holes in it.

    The key to this dish is the speed of cooking, so use a good quality meat & don't let it linger cooking in the pan.

  • Confession: Karma Police

    Father Simon and the joyous collective

    I have noticed that a lot of your confessions mention psychological effects on children, so before I start can I just mention that the following was not intentional and both my daughters have no recollection of this event but have a healthy respect for the police and the difficult job they do - but perhaps the following wasn't something that falls under their normal job description.

    I want to take you back 25 years to when my two daughters were 4 and 3. Looking at them you would have thought butter wouldn't melt, blond curls, big eyes, cute smiles and an ability to flirt that they definitely didn't get from their mother.

    However, this perfect image wore thin when my then husband was working away from home for an extended period. I was left at home with two small children and despite my best efforts with toys and games, helping mummy bake, and lots of glue, pasta and sparkly stuff etc, on the day in question all they wanted to do was fight and scream at each other.

    Now anyone who has small children will know that piercing scream that goes right through you like fingernails on a blackboard, and no amount of “play nicely, mummy's got a headache” or threats of going to bed early were having any effect.

    At the end of my tether I decided enough was enough and said to the girls that I was very cross and that I was going to ask my friend the policeman to come and take them away (I didn't have any friendly policeman but they didn't know that). This was before the time of cordless or mobile phones so I picked up my tasteful green Trimphone, you are all far too young to remember these, but for your listeners who aren’t, they will remember the handset was connected to the phone by a curly wire and if you held down a little button you could dial a number without the phone connecting. So I did.

    After allowing a few moments for 'the police’ to pick up the phone, I had a 'conversation' explaining I had two naughty little girls who wouldn't do what their mummy said and could they come and take them away. I did a few of those verbal nods, you know the type of thing - yes, no, mmm, yes, I’m in all day, see you soon, thank you. It had gone a bit quiet as the girls listened to this one-sided conversation and, hands on hips, I said 'right get your shoes on, they'll be here soon'.

    Not sure whether I meant it or not they stood there looking a bit confused while a panda car pulled up outside with two policeman in. Two little girls suddenly ran and sat on the settee arms folded looking totally innocent saying “please don't let them take us, we’re so sorry Mummy!”

    Me? I was panicking - had I inadvertently connected the call? Was I going to be arrested for wasting police time? I turned to the girls showing my best poker face, fixed them with a 'be good' comment, and went to answer the front door.

    “Morning madam” the rather young policeman said. “Your Neighbourhood Watch leaflets, can you pass them on for us please?” “Of course” I said, but then when he turned to go back to his car, I closed the door VERY gently and said in my best grateful voice “thanks for coming officer but the girls have said they are going to be good. Now I am really sorry you have had a wasted journey - yes I will call if I have any more problems, goodbye.”

    I then walked back into the room where the girls were and waved in what I hoped was a nonchalant manner at the departing panda car. Unsurprisingly for quite some time after that I only had to go near the phone if they were being naughty or mention “do I need to call my friend the policeman” for their behaviour to improve with lightning speed!

    So father Simon, I ask for forgiveness from my daughters for allowing them to believe that the police take away naughty children, and from the police who do a wonderful job and can do without harassed mums using them as a threat rather than someone to go to for help!


    P.S. As one of my daughters briefly went out with a policeman in her early twenties I don't think there was any lasting damage!

  • Here's our Nige with a larvly Beef Stroganoff

    Here's our Nige with a larvly Beef Stroganoff


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