North Somerset

Eric Robson chairs a gardening Q and A with panellists Chris Beardshaw, Anne Swithinbank and Bunny Guinness.

Matt Biggs revisits St Anns allotments in Nottingham to make plans for the coming year. Part of the Listeners' Gardens series.

Guest presenter Toby Buckland visits a commercial cider apple grower.

In addition: can you add chicken feathers to the compost heap? And the pruning principle for evergreens.

Questions answered in the programme are:
Can you add chicken feathers to the compost heap?
Do you have planting advice for an Agapanthus brough over from Madeira.
When and how much can I prune my Garrya Eliptica?
How can I establish my Orange Crocosmia transplanted from Penzance to Somerset?
How high a barrier will ward off carrot fly?
My 60ft mixed border needs more colour in July/August.
Suggestions included: Sedum Matrona and Salvia Huntington Spires.
How do I eliminate Mealybugs on my hoyas?
Can you use homemade compost for seed & potting use?
How do I tackle the buttercup infestation around my large pond?
Why are the central plants of my 100m privet hedge dying?

Produced by Howard Shannon
A Somethin' Else production for BBC Radio 4.

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Sun 8 Jan 2012 14:00

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