Forty Grand

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The last episode in Vanessa Engle's series about our personal attitudes to money.

Forty grand is, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, the average British income for a household where two adults are working. This film features a set of households who all live on this same net amount of money annually. Some consider forty grand to be a large amount of money, whilst others struggle to get by. The film compares the way the various households spend their identical budgets, revealing a wide range of priorities and values, as well as big differences in their life situations.

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  • BBC TV Blog: How I made Forty Grand

    BBC TV Blog: How I made Forty Grand

    Vanessa Engle, who developed, produced and directed Forty Grand: “What I found was that many people are actually willing to talk about money honestly, especially if they don't have ridiculous amounts of it."

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Vanessa Engle
Series Producer
Vanessa Engle
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Nick Mirsky


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