The Wedding Gold Thefts

An exploration of an unexpected side of economic downturn and a heartbreaking story of an attack on the person and a culture.

Zille has just been burgled - so have three of her neighbours on the small Bradford cul-de-sac where she lives. The thieves are after one thing only - the wedding gold passed through families over generations and now worth a considerable amount giving its soaring value on international markets.

In this programme Zille explores something which is well known in her own community but hasn't been acknowledged nationally - the increasingly violent thefts in which Asians are being targeted and even tortured to reveal where their gold is kept.

As a result of the fear of this crime there is now a long waiting list for safety deposit boxes - as an alternative those with extended families try and ensure their homes are never left empty, whilst others are buying CCTV systems or working out what to hide where. According to the police it isn't just burglaries - the gold is also being snatched in streets robberies where Asians are being targeted and in a recent cases a newly married bride was robbed whilst at the wedding celebration itself.

Producer: Sue Mitchell.

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30 minutes

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Mon 12 Dec 2011 11:00

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