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Shakespeare's Restless World Episode guide

  1. Shakespeare Goes Global

    20/20 How Shakespeare has inspired and influenced people across the globe and through the ages.

    First broadcast: 11 May 2012

  2. The Theatres of Cruelty

    19/20 A human eyeball in a silver setting gives a striking insight into the theatre of cruelty.

    First broadcast: 10 May 2012

  3. London Becomes Rome

    18/20 A set of coronation designs reveals the depth of classical knowledge in Shakespeare's time

    First broadcast: 09 May 2012

  4. Plague and the Playhouse

    17/20 Early 17th-century proclamations reveal the impact of the 1603 plague outbreak.

    First broadcast: 08 May 2012

  5. A Time of Change, a Change of Time

    16/20 A domestic clock reveals the changing relationship Shakespeare's audiences had to time.

    First broadcast: 07 May 2012

  6. The Flag That Failed

    15/20 The problems in creating a Great Britain are encapsulated in designs for a common flag.

    First broadcast: 04 May 2012

  7. Disguise and Deception

    14/20 A pedlar's trunk reveals deception and religion, cross-dressing and travelling salesmen.

    First broadcast: 03 May 2012

  8. From London to Marrakech

    13/20 Sunken gold from West Africa sheds light on England's complex relationship with the Moors.

    First broadcast: 02 May 2012

  9. Sex and the City

    12/20 A delicate glass goblet reveals the twin seductions of Venice: luxuries and women.

    First broadcast: 01 May 2012

  10. Treason and Plots

    11/20 A tabloid history of Shakespeare's England, told via contemporary accounts of murder plots

    First broadcast: 30 Apr 2012

  11. Toil and Trouble

    10/20 The differences between Scottish and English witches are revealed by a model ship.

    First broadcast: 27 Apr 2012

  12. New Science, Old Magic

    9/20 Dr Dee's mirror reflects the Elizabethan fascination with cosmology and astrology.

    First broadcast: 26 Apr 2012

  13. City Life, Urban Strife

    8/20 The life of London's apprentices and Shakespeare's groundlings told through a woollen cap.

    First broadcast: 25 Apr 2012

  14. Ireland: Failures in the Present

    7/20 A rare woodcut offers an insight into the troubles and tragedies of Elizabethan Ireland.

    First broadcast: 24 Apr 2012

  15. Europe: Triumphs of the Past

    6/20 How Henry V's battle gear reflects the Elizabethan view of English history.

    First broadcast: 23 Apr 2012

  16. Swordplay and Swagger

    5/20 A rapier and a dagger illustrate the extent of violence in Elizabethan London.

    First broadcast: 20 Apr 2012

  17. Life Without Elizabeth

    4/20 The implications of a portrait painted to justify Elizabeth I's position in the succession

    First broadcast: 19 Apr 2012

  18. Snacking Through Shakespeare

    3/20 A fork found on the site of the Rose Theatre helps explain what people were eating.

    First broadcast: 18 Apr 2012

  19. Communion and Conscience

    2/20 The Stratford Chalice sheds light on religious changes in the aftermath of the Reformation

    First broadcast: 17 Apr 2012

  20. England Goes Global

    1/20 Drake's circumnavigation of the globe changed the way people viewed the world.

    First broadcast: 16 Apr 2012

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