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Fiona Bruce visits Windsor Castle, the world's oldest and largest inhabited castle, dating back to the 11th century. Taking more than a thousand years to reach its familiar look, it has been a fortress, a home to medieval chivalry, a baroque palace, and finally a romantic fantasy.

From the bowels of the castle to the heights of the battlements, Fiona encounters all manner of royal treasures - from the musket ball that killed a naval hero to table decorations in gold and silver and encrusted with jewels; from the triple-headed portrait of a king who lost his head to Queen Mary's dolls' house with running taps, and a secret garden hidden in a drawer. All of this was almost lost in the disastrous fire of 1992.

  • Visiting Windsor Castle

    Visiting Windsor Castle

    Windsor Castle is the largest and oldest occupied castle in the world and one of the official residences of Her Majesty The Queen. It encapsulates 900 years of British history.

    Windsor Castle at the Royal Collection Website
  • Virtual tour of Windsor Castle

    Virtual tour of Windsor Castle

    To get an idea of what it might feel like to stand in a room at Windsor Castle with these 360 degree panoramas.

    Go on a Virtual tour of Windsor Castle
  • Go inside Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House

    Go inside Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House

    Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House is the largest, most beautiful, and most famous dolls’ house in the world.

    Explore the Dolls' House in pictures at the Royal Collection Website
  • Van Dyck Slideshow

    Van Dyck Slideshow

    Watch a slideshow of paintings by Anthony van Dyck

    Van Dyck Slideshow at BBC Your Paintings
  • Key Figures in the history of Windsor Castle

    Windsor Castle has been influenced by numerous historical figures throughout its history. Read more about their lives...

  • William the Conqueror

    William was duke of Normandy and, as William I, the first Norman king of England. He defeated and killed the last Anglo-Saxon king of England at the Battle of Hastings.

    Find out more about William the Conqueror
  • Edward III

    Edward was king of England for 50 years. His reign saw the beginning of the Hundred Years War against France.

    Find out more about Edward III
  • Charles I

    Charles I was king of England, Scotland and Ireland, whose conflicts with parliament led to civil war and his eventual execution.

    Find out more about Charles I
  • Oliver Cromwell

    English soldier and statesman who helped make England a republic and then ruled as lord protector from 1653 to 1658.

    Find out more about Oliver Cromwell
  • Charles II

    Charles II was king of England, Scotland and Ireland, whose restoration to the throne in 1660 marked the end of republican rule in England.

    Find out more about Charles II
  • George III

    George III was the third Hanoverian king of Great Britain. During his reign, Britain lost its American colonies but emerged as a leading power in Europe. He suffered from recurrent fits of madness and after 1810, his son acted as regent.

    Find out more about George III
  • George IV

    Famous for his dissolute lifestyle and his Royal Pavilion in Brighton, George became prince regent in 1811 and king in 1820.

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  • Victoria

    Victoria was the longest reigning British monarch and the figurehead of a vast empire. She oversaw huge changes in British society and gave her name to an age.

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  • George V

    George V embodied diligence and duty and sought to represent his subjects, rather than define government policy, as his predecessors Victoria and Edward had.

    Find out more about George V


Ian Leese
Fiona Bruce
Ian Leese
Executive Producer
Basil Comely
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Marian Lacey


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