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Miriam Cooke meanders through the mystic majesty of mid Wales.

Miriam's journey begins at Pistyll Rheadr, the UK's tallest single drop waterfall at 240ft (80m). She walks a section of "the mountain connoisseur's" route, the Cambrian Way, in the company of rambler George Tod.

With the help of natural navigator Tristan Gooley, Miriam learns to find her way in the wild by looking at trees and meets a fearsome raptor that has transformed its image from persecuted pest to lucrative tourist attraction.

Journey's end finds Miriam at Tregaron, where she takes the reigns for a go at harness racing.

  • Miriam Cooke takes a trip through the gorgeous hidden countryside of Central Wales.

    Miriam Cooke takes a trip through the gorgeous hidden countryside of Central Wales.

  • Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfall

    Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfall

    Hidden away near Llanrhaedr in the Berwyn Mountains is Pistyll Rhaeadr waterfall. At 240ft (80m) high it is the UK tallest single drop waterfall. The falls have four plunge pools, four cascades and a fairy bridge. In summer, when rainfall is light, two delicate streams tumble over the rocks, but after heavy rain the peat-red waters thunder into the pools below, creating walls of spray through the fairy bridge.

    Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfall
  • Miriam Cooke walking the Cambrian Way

    Miriam Cooke walking the Cambrian Way

    In 1968 keen hill walker Tony Drake planned a route from the north to the south of Wales. After many failed attempts to get the route designated as a national trail, he published the full route in a guide book entitled ‘The Cambrian Way’, ‘The Mountain Connoisseur’s Walk’. It is a challenging trail, and one that will take even the most experienced walker around three weeks to complete, but the scenery is breathtaking and encompasses every sort of terrain.

    For more information on this walk and others across the country
  • Miriam Cooke with Tristan Gooley

    Miriam Cooke with Tristan Gooley

    Miriam was joined along part of the Cambrian Way by Tristan Gooley, author of ‘The Natural Navigator’, who gave her some valuable tips on how to know your direction of travel from the terrain and natural growth around you.

    The Natural Navigator
  • Red Kites feeding

    Red Kites feeding

    In 1933 the Red Kite population of Britain was down to two breeding pairs. Since then conservationists have been working to keep the birds alive and increase their population. They have been successful, but in the last twenty years commerce has achieved what no conservationist could; a positive boom in the Red Kite population. Farmers have discovered that tourists and twitchers alike are prepared to pay to watch Red Kites feeding. Providing the meat needed to feed these magnificent birds is not only become commercially viable but it has become a form of farm diversification. Miriam visited Gigrin farm but other RSPB sanctioned feeding stations are situated around the country.

  • Miriam Cooke has a go at 'Trotting'

    Miriam Cooke has a go at 'Trotting'

    Miriam's journey continues to Tregaron where the sport of harness racing is very popular. Also known as ‘trotting’, it can trace its origins back to a race on Newmarket Heath on 29th August 1750. Since then the sport has developed organised rules and is now contested on roughly ½ mile long tracks, mainly in Wales, Cumbria and Stirling. Competitors are not allowed to gallop their horses and instead use horses with the distinctive ‘pacer’ stride pattern where the legs on each side the body move forward and back at the same time.

    Wales and Border Counties Racing Association


Executive Producer
Sarah Moors
Executive Producer
Sarah Moors


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