Texas Governor Rick Perry

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Rick Perry won the seat of Governor of Texas vacated by George W Bush when he was elected President of the United States. Perry has held the post for over ten years, making him the longest serving governor in state history. Now he is seeking nomination as the Republican Party's candidate to oppose Barack Obama in the 2012 Presidential election. Over last few weeks he's become a front runner to succeed, taking part in a series of televised debates within the last few days.

In this week's Profile, we hear from his former scouting buddies in the small village of Paint Creek where he was raised that "there are only three things to do in Paint Creek: school, church and scouting". They describe the simple farming background that influenced his life and informed his politics. We also hear from Retired Lt General Joseph Weber Marine, a contemporary of Perry at Texas A+M University. The Governor's father was a B17 Gunner in WW2 and flew missions out of the U.K. "I know Rick visited where he'd been and was very interested in looking at the airfields and the history of the U.S. air force working with the RAF." says Weber.

Other contributors to this profile of a possible contender for the next Commander-in-Chief include musician Ted "the Nuge" Nugent who believes Rick Perry is the best hope of making the whole of the United States more like Nugent's adopted home of Texas which has: "the greatest hunting the world, no income tax plus I can carry a machine gun in my trunk". We also hear from Christy Hoppe, Bureau chief of the "Dallas News" who has known Rick Perry for over twenty years about the real story behind the "economic miracle" that some claim Texas has achieved under Perry.

Presenter: Chris Bowlby.

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