Steve Richards of The Independent asks what we have learned this week at Westminster. .

Alistair Darling's memoirs have been widely quoted this week - in particular his account of clashes with Gordon Brown. Is it true that political memoirs are more vitriolic than ever? A subject for a former Conservative Chancellor, Lord Lawson, and the acclaimed political biographer, Dr Anthony Seldon.

Do we get a clearer picture of David Cameron, the politician, after a summer of big news events? Has he come more sharply into focus in the public eye as he's reacted to riots in England, the conflict in Libya and the economic crisis. Labour's Margaret Hodge and the Conservative, Matthew Hancock, takes sides.

The former editor of the Daily Telegraph, Charles Moore, has written that the banking crisis, the plight of the Euro and the phone-hacking scandal give weight to a traditional left-wing view of the world - that a protected elite is profiting on the back of the workers. Has that perception shifted his own political commitments?

Finally, some Lib Dems are unhappy with the coalition reform of the NHS. The MP, Andrew George, is one. But the party's former head of media, Mark Littlewood, disagrees and urges the reforms on. A glimpse here of the internal party debate.

Editor: Peter Mulligan.

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