Eric Robson chairs this gardening Q&A programme with a guest appearance from gardener and broadcaster Bill Blackledge.

What to plant in a sandy garden? Paul Peacock explores the wild flora of Ainsdale Sand Dunes for inspiration.
Anne Swithinbank finds out how to start a small forest garden with Redcurrant, Greengage and Sweet sicily plants.

In addition, why are Busy Lizzies dying out across the UK and abroad? And how the Bog Myrtle can save you some serious discomfort.

The questions answered in the programme are:
Why does my Magnolia on an east-facing fall, twist to face North?

Has this been a particularly bad season for Busy Lizzies?

How do I go about taking my violets with me to New Zealand?

Suggestions for perennial plants which suit clay soil which can become water-logged:

Suggestions included:
Liigularia przewalskii, Rodgersia aesculifolia, Loosetrife 'Lady Sackville' and Primula candelabra.

I planted a lemon seed from abroad which has so far grown 9 inches. How do I encourage growth and fruiting?

What is causing the black and sticky damage to the tips of my ornamental cherry tree?

I'm growing a Bird of Paradise in a conservatory. Why isn't it flowering?

When and how do I prune a Holly tree?

Produced by Howard Shannon
A Somethin' Else production for BBC Radio 4.

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