Four Wonders

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Episode 6 of 26

Duration: 25 minutes

Series about explorer Nat, who uses his invention, the Iconi-Screen, to meet the animated Iconicles and explore the worlds in which they live.

Skye the giraffe goes for a jog with Twinkle the elephant and Rumple the rhino but they can't decide which of the 'Four Wonders' to visit first. They spend so much time disagreeing with one another that they end up lost in the Wild Wilderness and in danger of missing all the wonders. Fortunately, their trip back home takes them via the Upside-Down Tree, the Rainbow Falls and the Sleepy Volcano and the last wonder of all, the Field of Fireflies, helps them to find their way home in the dark.

Meanwhile, Nat asks Miss Moo the cow over to the Iconicarium to help him choose a fancy dress costume for a party. Each of his outfits has something to offer but eventually he decides to combine pieces of them all to make an outfit that is totally unique.


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